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Pura Cultura Podcast

Aug 26, 2019

New Episode ppl thanks for tuning in, Mexitwinz talk culture and all the new current events that involve the culture and Latinos. 

Hit us up with feedback and questions we talk back.

Pura Cultura Sin Censura !

Aug 19, 2019

Very special Episode with our brother Mario from the Barrio , shares some of his story coming up in Cali and Moving to Minnesota. Mix with the tough and rough street life we go through as kids and dealing with peer pressures and insecurity . Hope y'all enjoy the episode . Again Thanks to Mario for joining us and sharing...

Aug 7, 2019

A little late but we are here to have a conversation about all the latest events blessings and tragedies. Smiley shares new born baby stories (Michael) and we move on to more current issues with neighbors coming out as Trump Supporters , and also how guns and immigrants are the main argument . Mass shootings involving...